Our environmentally friendly glass, walnut or corn media will transform your old, tired looking wooden building and decks to look new again.

  • Our process removes old stain and paint and weather appearance on wood and freshens stone and brick.
  • The blasting process opens the pours and roughens the surface of the wood which allows for good penetration of the stain. Because of this added protection, we use more stain that is generally used on a non blasted surface.
  • We use a high pressure blower to clean your building and yard once the blasting is complete.
  • We reclaim as much of the media as possible on tarps and reuse the media over and over. No need to worry about any remaining media as it is non toxic and will not affect vegetation or pets.
  • We complete the job by applying a superior quality stain that brings out the beauty of the natural wood and gives years of protection against the elements.

Having your project blasted with media from a high pressure air hose is the best way to transform an old looking wood surface to look new again. Using high pressure water blasting will only do damage to the surface and the use of chemical strippers will not create that uniform new wood look.